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Pescator Villas: A Luxury Stay in Tuusula, Finland

Aktualisiert: 4. Dez 2020

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Helsinki is an amazing city to visit, with its laid back atmosphere and proximity to nature. But let's forget about the Finnish capital for this blog post, because I've found a little hidden gem 30 minutes away (15 minutes from the airport) and just north of the city: Tuusula. This lakeside oasis is breathtaking, and there are several artists homes that you can visit to get a great insight into Finnish culture. The area has a good selection of restaurants to choose from, and an incredible amount of cycling and walking paths too. Cycling in Finland is a very popular outdoor activity, and Tuusula is a great place to give this a go. I would say Tuusula is one of the best places to visit in Finland.

With such a beautiful area to explore, I think it's important to stay somewhere equally as beautiful so you can enjoy the experience in full. Enter Pescator Villas. These family run villas are great if you're travelling in a group, whether that be with family, friends, or for business. There are three villas to choose from, each with multiple bedrooms and amenities. The villas overlook the garden which you're free to use, as well as the gorgeous lake. Sounds perfect right?

The Villa

Exterior of the villas

Each luxury villa has 3 balconies to choose from on each floor of the house, so if the weather's nice you can sit out and enjoy the views! Maybe with some food and a cheeky glass of wine. Lakeside cottage rentals move aside.

Villa Kuha

We stayed at Villa Kuha, which has the best views of Lake Tuusula. So if you're trying to choose which one to book and this villa is available, snap it up!

Garage and bike storage

There is plenty of room for cars at the villas, and there are a few bikes for you to use which are included in the rental. It's the best way to get around in my opinion, and there are extensive cycling paths around Tuusula for you to explore. If you have a fear of cycling, walking is also perfectly acceptable. There's a grocery store nearby which takes about 10 minutes to cycle to as well, which is ideal because the kitchen here is incredible.

Backyard view of Lake Tuusula

Look at this view of Lake Tuusula! This photo was taken on our first night at sunset from the docks in the backyard. There was no one else around and it felt so tranquil and peaceful. Tuusula is a very safe area as well so we felt very at ease the whole time.

Dining area

Let's take a look indoors shall we? The kitchen and dining area were stunning and very modern. This is something I would imagine in my dream home, so naturally we took full advantage of using it.


The kitchen came fully equipped with everything you could need to cook with in terms of crockery, and there are lots of plates, bowls, cups, and mugs as well. You can save quite a bit of money by cooking your own meals. And considering the views from the villa's balconies, you won't find a better place to have your meals!

Section of the main floor living room

The villa was equipped with some very cool amenities, such as the drawers in this photo, which are actually a Bluetooth speaker. Imagine sitting outside with your music blasting through the speakers, with nature right on your doorstep. Amazing.

Living room area

How stunning is this living room?! I know I keep mentioning the views. But you would too if you had seen them. There is a large balcony connected to the living room, ideal for sitting outside during the nice weather with a barbecue.

Comfy seating area

Here's a little close up of the couch. All of the furniture in the villa was top quality and had a uniquely Finnish design.

Main floor bedroom

There's also a bedroom on the main floor, with a double bed and views of the lake.

Main floor toilet

The bathroom on the main floor is located right next to the bedroom, so it's basically an en suite right?

Main floor coatroom

Oh yes, there's a coat room too. Complete with a couch for you to get your shoes on more easily. There's plenty of space for multiple coats to be hung as well, so if you've planned a trip to Finland with the family don't worry, there's lots of room for everyone's things!

Ground floor living area

Downstairs (the ground floor) there's a second living room for you to relax in. We didn't spend much time down here, but if you're travelling with different groups or are on a business retreat, having your own space will be a godsend.

2 extra twin beds

Just past the living room is a small kitchen area with two twin beds laid out. I thought this was a great use of space since the villa is so big. Why not make an extra bedroom out of it?

Ground floor double bedroom

Continuing our little tour of the ground floor, we came across another bedroom with a double bed, and a side room with a large vanity mirror that makes you feel like you're a movie star.

Ground floor toilet

There is also a toilet room on the ground floor so you don't need to rush upstairs in the middle of the night.


I forgot to mention that the ground floor also has a Jacuzzi, which is probably one of the biggest selling points of Pescator Villas! Who needs a cabin in Finland when you can book a villa in the middle of nature, with lake views and a Jacuzzi?


And across from the Jacuzzi? A sauna. Yes, your own personal sauna to use, because after all it's a Finnish experience isn't it?

View from the top floor

Moving on up. Here's a little aerial view of the main floor living room from the top of the stairs, on our way to the master bedroom. As you can probably tell, the villa boasts very high ceilings which adds to its unique architectural charm.

Upstairs twin-bedded bedroom

Up first on the top floor is this very cute bedroom with two single beds and lots of added touches to make it feel more homely.

World map rug

Also, where can I get one of these?! Anything with a world map on and I'm sold. It's all about the little details in this villa, and there are no stones left unturned.

Upstairs bathroom

This is the third bathroom of the villa, which is great so you aren't queuing up to use them in the morning. Any good luxury accommodation needs to have multiple toilets right?

Second twin-bedded bedroom upstairs

Next on our tour is another beautifully designed bedroom, complete with twin beds and some beautiful vintage furniture.

Master bedroom

Finally, Pescator Villas's master bedroom. This is the last room at the end of the hallway on the top floor and was obviously the one we chose.

Double bed

Yes, the bed was extremely comfortable and kept you nice and warm at night. The room has a very simple but luxurious design which I loved.

Walk-in wardrobe

The villa that just keeps on giving. It was the first time I've had a walk in wardrobe in my accommodation, so this was exciting! It sits between the bedroom and the bathroom, and there is more than enough room to store your belongings.

Shower in the master bathroom

The bathroom in the master bedroom was incredible, and the shower was to die for. Rain showers are the best ones in my opinion.

Bedroom sauna

And last but not least, another sauna! Because why wouldn't you have one in your bedroom? Is it even a luxury accommodation without one of these? If you're not convinced that this should be on your list of places to stay in Finland (what?!), maybe this view of a gorgeous Finnish lake will change your mind ...

View of Lake Tuusula from the master bedroom

View goals? I think so. The master bedroom obviously has to have a private balcony as well. And what better view to have than of the stunning Lake Tuusula. I would highly recommend skipping all of the Tuusula hotels and booking Pescator Villas straight away.

Price per night: €490

Click here to start booking the best luxury accommodation in Finland you'll ever come across.

What To Do in Lake Tuusula

Bicycles from the villa

Take full advantage of the bikes at Pescator Villas since they're included in your rental. It's the best way to get around and the cycle paths make it a breeze to get to your destination. We even used them to get to the train station, which is quite a distance but the weather was nice and the landscape is beautiful so we didn't mind.

Lotta Museum

If you don't have time to go inside the Lotta Museum, it's worth a stop to walk around the building. It's very pretty and a great photo spot. The museum itself focuses on the role of female volunteers in Finnish history. There are lots of museums to choose from around Pescator Villas, many of which are connected to famous artists. Tuusula is definitely one of the more unique destinations in Finland.

Tuusula church

In terms of Finnish churches, Tuusula has a cute little wooden church along the lake, only a short cycle from Pescator Villas. It was built in 1735 so is rich in history. I'd recommend making a stop here for sure! If you walk behind the church, you can get a lovely photo of the trees and the lake, a great spot for some landscape photography.

View of Lake Tuusula

We visited Pescator Villas in September, so it wasn't overly busy. Finding our own little spot along Lake Tuusula was very easy to do. The lake is huge so there are lots of places to choose from. In the summer you can enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as canoe trips or boat rides. We stumbled upon this dock by accident during our cycling tour but it turned out to be a very pretty stop! Doesn't this just look like the perfect Finland retreat?

View of Helsinki from Suomenlinna

The great thing about our stay at Pesctor Villas, after the fact that it was set overlooking the stunning Lake Tuusula, was its proximity to Helsinki itself. It's only 30 minutes by train and we were able to explore some unique places in Helsinki during our time there, such as the island of Suomenlinna, a UNESCO world heritage site that you absolutely need to go to.

If you haven't already thought about adding Pescator Villas and Tuusula to your Finland itinerary - why not? There are quite a number of things to do in Tuusula, and it's a completely different experience than the hustle and bustle of city trips. Also, you get to make everyone jealous when you show off the luxury stay in Finland that you had. If you're looking for unique experiences in Finland where you can immerse yourself in Finnish culture, this is one for your books.

Click here to book this amazing villa and start exploring the best Finland has to offer!

If you're planning on visiting Helsinki and staying there as well, check out my blog posts on things to do in the city and where to stay. Staying 5 days in Finland or more? Take advantage of the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn and explore Estonia's capital for the day. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram!

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