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48 Hours in Liverpool

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So much to do, so little time! Liverpool is one of those cities that's bursting with places to visit, things to do and restaurants to try out. It's probably best known as the birthplace of The Beatles, as well as for its iconic waterfront. I do love the Beatles, but I tried to make the trip less about them and more about other unique things to do within the city.

However, if you love the Beatles and British music, make sure you check out the statue of the band at the Pier Head, stop in at The Cavern Club, and take a look at The Beatles Story at the Albert Docks. Everything is within walking distance of one another as long as you don't mind a few hills. There are a lot of fun things to do in Liverpool, and I managed to see most of the main attractions during my 2 days here. I probably spent too much time along the waterfront in all honesty, but hey, it's stunning so why not! Here's what I got up to during my 48 hours in Liverpool:

What To Do in Liverpool

Albert Dock

If you go anywhere in Liverpool, make sure it's the heart of its waterfront, the Albert Dock. For those of you who are music fans, this is where The Beatles Story can be found too. If the weather is cooperating during your stay, it's a lovely area to walk around filled with unique restaurants and shops.

Puffle Waffle

Was this the highlight of my trip? Probably. The Albert Dock also hosts Puffle Waffle, where you can get the cutest desserts. I chose to get the unicorn special, because it sounded fantastic and was the largest, most over the top waffle on offer. They're very reasonably priced too so stopping here will definitely fit in with your budget.

Liverpool Wheel

Just across the road is the Liverpool Wheel, providing you with lovely views of the city and waterfront. I didn't have time to go on this during my 2 days in Liverpool, but it's on my list for the next time I visit.

Love locks

As you make your way along the waterfront, you'll come across Liverpool's version of the Parisian love lock bridge. Although it's more of a chain than a bridge, it's still a cute idea and something unique in Liverpool to see.

Liverpool Cathedral

It's a bit of a trek, but if you have time definitely go and take a look at Liverpool Cathedral - the interior is stunning. It's completely free to enter, and is the 5th largest cathedral in Europe. This is one of Liverpool's main attractions so really shouldn't be missed!


Just in front of the cathedral is Liverpool's Chinatown. This area is amazing to walk around, and if you have time you should stop in at one of its many restaurants. It's home to one of the largest and oldest Chinese communities in the whole of Europe too.

Streets of Liverpool

Liverpool is known for its shopping, among other things. There are a lot of day trips that come to Liverpool strictly so people can visit the city's shops. I didn't end up going shopping, but I would recommend walking around the streets in the city centre, you never know what you'll come across.

Caribou Poutine

As a Canadian, I'm able to sniff out poutine wherever I go. Caribou Poutine is a great place to stop for a quick bite to eat. I went with the traditional poutine, but they have a lot of other unique varieties of it on their menu. Best of all it's very budget friendly and will fill you up for the rest of the day. In my opinion, this is a must do in Liverpool.

Royal Liver Building

You can't miss Liverpool's iconic Royal Liver Building. It's located at the Pier Head and sits overlooking the River Mersey. Fun fact: it was one of the first buildings in the world to be built using reinforced concrete. You can also check out the Titanic memorial nearby.

WWI statue

At the top of one of the main shopping streets is the bombed out church. It was hollowed out during the blitz of 1941, and is used for a number of outdoor activities now. There is a WWI statue sitting just outside of it which I think is worth visiting.

Church Alley

This is a great free thing to do in Liverpool, and it sits next to the shopping centre, Liverpool ONE. I came across this by chance, but to help you out a little it's located in Church Alley and is a fun spot to take a photo.

Museum of Liverpool

I spent a large portion of my time at the waterfront because there are a lot of things to see in this area, and it's very pretty. If you're a museum goer, I'd recommend stopping by the Museum of Liverpool.

Pier Head

Walking along the Pier Head during sunset was absolutely beautiful. There were a number of carnival rides set up when I visited too, which looked very pretty lit up. Walking along the waterfront is one of the best things to do in Liverpool, and of course it's completely free.


Just another shot of the waterfront area at sunset in case you didn't believe how pretty it was before! There are a number of Liverpool sightseeing tours that patrol this area of the city too, so it's not just me who loves it.

Where To Stay in Liverpool

Dream Apartments Liverpool Water Street

I stayed in Liverpool for 2 nights and decided to test out a couple of different short term apartment rentals. The first night I stayed at Dream Apartments Liverpool Water Street, which was only a few minutes walk from the Pier Head as well as The Cavern Club. I booked one of their fully equipped Two Bedroom Apartments, which you can read more about here.

Price range: £70 +

CARO Short Stay Parker Street

CARO Short Stay Parker Street is located along the main shopping street, so is perfectly located for a weekend in Liverpool or if you want to be in an ideal spot to explore the city from. They also offer pet friendly accommodation if you're looking for that. I stayed in their One Bedroom Apartment, which had everything I needed including a modern kitchen. Click here to read more about my stay.

Price range: £40 +

Liverpool is a great city to visit in England, whether that be for a weekend away with friends or to explore its wide range of cultures and history. There are lots of things to see in Liverpool, and even if you're only visiting for 48 hours like I did, you'll have more than enough time to see its main attractions.

Thinking of visiting Manchester? Check out my blog post covering what to do in the city and what to eat as well. It's a great option for a day trip from Liverpool, as it's only an hour away. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel photos!

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